Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Flooring Ideas For Basements

Add Color and Pattern with Carpet Tiles

If you want the comfort and warmth of carpet without the hassle of wall-to-wall installation, then opt for self-adhesive carpet tiles. They are simple for DIYers to install, they don't require a pad underneath, and they may be applied directly to wash dry concrete. Here, carpet tiles in white, brown, and 2 shades of red were laid down to make a random checkerboard pattern which plays up the room's fashionable color scheme. To get a less-attention-getting floor covering, utilize one neutral shade.

Paint Stripes on Concrete Basement Floors

For an affordable and stylish floor finish, paint concrete at a striped pattern. Employ wide stripes of light and dark gray first, then add narrow stripes of brighter colours. Use painter's tape to produce the pattern. Prep the surface by cleaning it with TSP. Remove loose paint and oily stains and allow the surface dry thoroughly. Apply a primer and ground paint formulated for concrete.

Finishing Basements

For the Look of Wood, Try Laminates

Because most types of hardwood are not suggested for below-grade setup, consider laminate flooring instead. Laminates consist of a cosmetic image (for instance, natural wood grain) printed on paper or other fibrous material, treated using plastic or resin, and secured to a rigid core such as medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Laminates resist stains and moisture and can be installed over concrete or a plywood subfloor. The technology continues to improve, producing ever more realistic imitations of organic materials, which means that you can find the look of real wood without the shrinking and warping.

Get the appearance of Parquet using Laminates

Solid-wood parquet isn't suitable for basement installation--it's too easily damaged by moisture--but you can get the look affordably with prefabricated or laminate parquet.

Choose Ceramic Tile for Easy Care

Ceramic tiles laid in groups of four and put on the pectoral create a checkerboard pattern which visually expands this living room. Ceramic tile is available in a number of styles and colors and installs easily over concrete. Make sure to pick tiles fabricated for floor installation. As a basement flooring material, ceramic tile is durable, low-maintenance, and moisture resistant.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Basement Bar Ideas For Small Spaces


I really like this idea because it uses a residual space which would otherwise be utilized for as a straightforward storage space if not for nothing else in any way. A small bar will present new choices, it will result in great opportunities when it comes to entertaining your friends and family.


The upper cabinet was fitted with small lights that illuminate the counter top, it is where the the magic happens and the bar comes to life. It does not only look good but it's also quite practical, assisting you to prepare any drink you desire.


And, on top of this, just look at it! It's so simple and yet fits so well from the room, making it so much more interesting. Each guest is going to be curious and intrigued by it. Exactly what makes this object appear this good is how the wood textures blend together, maintaining the design look unitary. The colors are different but don't change much in saturation and tone. The elegant impact wills loose.


You don't need an entire room to match the bar which you've always dreamed of having. Even a wall will do. It's the design that counts how it connects to the rest of the room. By fitting it with a mirror, then you are going to make the space feel bigger and the bar more interesting.


Sometimes a drink is not enough and you should mix it with another activity like watching a football game or enjoying something. Add a little flavor to your room using a committed dartboard area for a better atmosphere.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Walkout Basement Ideas

Family Room

A renovation takes this cellar from lowly to beautiful. A single door and plate glass windows have been replaced with doors and windows, which gave the room views of the garden and allowed light to enter. Eliminating panels helped to open the space up, giving an airy texture to this basement family room.

Home Office

Round in the sitting area, a home office has been constructed using inexpensive IKEA bits along with a painted wood counter tops. A slab was poured over the present floor and a finish was utilized to match the wood floors on the main level. A gas fireplace replaces the existing brick and an old woodstove has been created bright and light after being covered with plaster and white paint.

Walk-Out Basement

This basement was nothing more than a dumping ground for holiday decorations and too-small clothing until the family realized its hidden potential. Generate a walkout and to open the cellar, they excavated 5 feet from the backyard. A pair of doors and windows, with the details that match the remainder of the house, were set up and allow light to fill the room.

Family Room

A dull basement could be changed into the heart of a house. Period details are borrowed by this family room, from other areas of the home, like the beaded-board wainscoting and moldings that are chair-rail. A grid of ceiling beams conceals plumbing adds feel, and draws the eye toward the brick hearth. A built-in entertainment centre stretches across one-wall, hiding a post that wasn't removed.

Snug Living Room

This cellar boasts standards of main-level living as a result of full-size windows, comfy furnishings, entertainment center, gas fireplace, and a walkout entry. Earth-tone wall paint wood, and a tile surround make it a space.

Basement Renovations Ideas Pictures

A Distance to Entartain

Turn an unused area of your basement to some kitchenette-slash-bar for an alternative spot to entertain guests. Blogger Alex of Northstory created a welcoming, vintage vibe with pipe shelving, wooden crates, and an antique wall clock, best ideas

Ahead: Semi-Finished

This empty basement was spacious, but because it was just semi-finished, it was not getting used.

Organize With Baskets

Shop crap in matching baskets to get a more uniform and coordinated appearance. Amy of Inform & Stow U updated plain wicker baskets using spray paint.

Create a Mini Mudroom

With some pipe shelves and a little seat, you are able to flip a corner of your basement into a mudroom for out-of-the-way coat and shoe storage, such as blogger Jill of Junky Vagabond.

Basement Small Bathroom Ideas

Armadale Project -- Basement Toilet & Laundry Room

Armadale Project -- Laundry Room & Basement Bathroom

The Pennock Family Home

The basement bathroom is a fascinating departure in style from the rest of the home. Barn wood walls and metal siding provide a wonderful texture to this room. The double sinks well with items that are vintage that are corresponding, like the soaking tub that is blue.

Ecologia Montreal

A partial wall visually divides the toilet from the bed, however, the soaking bathtub and dressing table are part of the room's spacious plan. The couples keeps splashes into a minimum and use a bath mat, to protect the wood flooring. "The child's bath is different from ours," Karsenti says, "but our bath is pretty unique: spa like and calming, a bit like Japanese soaking tub area."

Venice Canals

That I love the small tiles in the bath; the glass enclosure is really sexy and is fun which complements with the wooden walls.

Ideas For Painting Basement Walls

Brighten with Colour

Painting adjoining walls glowing white tames the orange and reflects light, eliminating any threat of cellar gloom.

Perk Up with Plywood

Paint some of the plywood squares with chalkboard paint to make a message centre.

Lines and Color Add Punch

Painting the walls a warm red above the seat rail and khaki beneath provides the place a feeling of intimacy. Applying the reddish generates pattern at the wainscoting, and the combination pop is made by white molding.

Begin with the Fundamentals

A simple facelift for a cellar office starts with painting concrete-block walls glowing white. If your basement walls have never been painted, then use a specialization masonry waterproofing paint to seal the walls.